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Post Ofsted Letter From The Chair Of Governors

Dear Parents and Carers,

The official Ofsted report regarding the inspection and key findings for the recent visit to Broadoak Primary School has been published. 

Our school has been judged to be a ‘Good’ school in all categories; Achievement of Pupils, Quality of Teaching, Behaviour and Safety of Pupils and Leadership and Management. As a parent you should, quite rightly, feel proud that your child is receiving a ‘Good’ education, in a safe environment with good and outstanding teachers guided by a visionary Head Teacher.

Ofsted is an independent, non political body comprising of ex head-teachers who periodically visit every school in the country to assess the level of education being delivered.

Since our previous inspection in 2008, expectations and standards have been raised year on year and it is therefore gratifying to know that our school has kept pace, and often surpassed, the ever increasing demands of the curriculum.

On your behalf I have thanked all who work at the school and I take this opportunity to thank you, the parent, for working with the school to achieve high quality education.

Where do we go from here?

The school management team, led by Mr. Howlett, will build on this report to continually raise the education given to the children. This will not be a simple task but with exceptional leadership – which we have, – dedicated teachers and assistants willing and capable of setting challenging and realistic targets for all children, – which we have, – the school will grow to provide the highest level of education for the benefit of our greatest asset – the children.

Finally, it is now official, Broadoak Primary is a GOOD school. I urge you to visit your school at every opportunity and willingly give your support wherever you can. Thank you.

Richard Ambler

Chair of Governors