Clubs and Enrichment

We recognise that children learn in lots of ways and we are committed to providing a broad, exciting and challenging curriculum which gives every child the chance to excel both during and after school.

We are committed to providing the best possible provision to every child and family in our community. At Broadoak we are proud to provide each of the following activities free of charge, to all families:

  • Music – Music tutors provide sessions in keyboard, brass and other instruments
  • Swimming – Swimming sessions are provided during every term in Year 5
  • Art – Art Club runs each afternoon during the school day leading to the Broadoak Art Show
  • After School Clubs – Clubs run most evenings and children attend national events and competitions
  • Residential Activity Holidays – Residential experiences are provided in every year group. Year 1-2 Sleepover at school. Year 3-4 residential to Hollowford Activity Centre (there is a charge for this activity), Year 6 on-site residential with One Adventure.
  • Class Trips – In school, local visits and longer trips are arranged to enhance the curriculum in every year group

After School Clubs

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Please refer to our club events calendar for the current schedule and any related news and updates will be posted via our standard news channels.