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E-Safety Information at Think U Know

The internet has changed all of our lives, particularly our children’s. For parents and carers this opens up a whole new world of things to be aware of. For many of us, this can all be a bit too much.

You might be struggling to keep up with the things your child is doing on-line, you might wonder whether what they are doing is safe, and you might also be thinking how can I be as good a parent on-line as I am offline?

The ‘Think U Know’ site aims to make on-line parenting simple. Even if the only search engine you use is a pair of binoculars, do not despair. Here you’ll find practical tips and simple guidance.

The ‘Think U Know’ website has some fantastic support and guidance for parents and carers. All this and some fantastic ‘Top Tips’ are available for you to access for free, along with dedicated areas for your child/children to access games, activities and advice.