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Learning Champions! 02.02.18

Broadoak Primary School proudly awards this certificate for:

Learning Champions

For Week Ending 02.02.18

to the following pupils:

RHT Persha-Mai

RHT Alana

RHT Mollie

1SP Lacie-Mai

1SP Vaani

1SP Joshuaa

1KC Emily

1KC Kevin

1KC Zanon

2ND Oliwia

2ND Aria

2ND Samiuallah

3KT Andreea

3KT Zayne

3KT Dominic

3NS Alana

3NS Aaron

3NS Rund

4/5MH Harvey

4/5MH Callum

4/5MH Keya

5TE Guyato

5TE Max

5TE Mya

6SA Iras

6SA Ellie

6SA Albertas

6AT Marzuq

6AT Julia

6AT Lilly

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