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Learning Champions 05/05/17

Broadoak Primary School proudly awards this certificate for:

Learning Champions

For Friday 5th May 2017

to the following pupils:

RecVH Tyler

RecVH Olly

RecVH Maisie

1SP Alex

1SP Fatima

1SP Maia

1KC Riley

1KC Akhsnat

1KC Aria

2BE Oliver

2BE Zayne

2BE Daisy-Mae

2NS Demi-Lou

2NS Stanley

2NS Alicia

2NS Hashir

3/4LT Kiely

3/4LT Casey

3/4LT Taya

5MH Abigail

5MH Alisha

5MH Clayton

5TE Evie

5TE Marzuq

5TE McKenzie

6AL Leah

6AL Khadija

6AL Darrell

6AT Mason

6AT Molly

6AT Kaitlyn