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Learning Champions! 06.10.17

Broadoak Primary School proudly awards this certificate for:

Learning Champions

For Week Ending 06.10.17

to the following pupils:


RHT George

RHT Jenson

RSR Zain

RSR Ellie

RSR Charlie

1SP Kelly

1SP Varni

1SP Kai

1KC Charlie

1KC Maisie

1KC Ellisa Rae

2LW Coby

2LW Maia

2LW Meg

3KT Periav

3KT Alaysha

3KT Luis

3NS Caitlin

3NS Alana

3NS Rund

4RA Ricardo

4RA Scarlett

4RA Jasmine

4/5MH Aimee

4/5MH Aimee

4/5MH Kiely

6SA Charlee

6SA Nathan

6SA Clayton

6AT Faiza

6AT Mia

6AT Julia

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