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Learning Champions! 09.02.18

Broadoak Primary School proudly awards this certificate for:

Learning Champions

For Week Ending 09.02.18

to the following pupils:

RHT Olivia-Grace

RHT Alivyah

RHT Jaiden

1SP Aisha

1SP Riley

1SP Evelyn

1KC Lola Grace

1KC Semilore

1KC Finley

2ND Leyton

2ND Leah

2ND Zac

3NS Aaron

3NS Leyton

3NS Solomon

4SG Sophie

4SG Finlay

4/5MH Sama

4/5MH Mbukani

4/5MH Tia

5TE Myer

5TE Shahad

5TE Camran

6SA Katie

6SA Charlee

6SA Tyler

6AT Mckenzie

6AT Evie

6AT Archie

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