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Learning Champions 12/05/17

Broadoak Primary School proudly awards this certificate for:

Learning Champions

For Friday 12th May 2017

to the following pupils:

RecVH Isabelle

RecVH Frankie-Lee

RecVH Camden

RecZE Keira

RecZE Vaani

RecZE Joshuaa

1SP Mollie

1SP Coby

1SP Demi Rose

1KC Riley

1KC Jaydon

1KC Oliwia

2BE Periav

2BE Marcus

2BE Imaan

2NS Katelyn

2NS Amelia

2NS Joshua

3KB Bailey

3KB Eve

3KB Liam

3/4LT Manahal

3/4LT Tia

3/4LT Connor

4MJ Amy

4MJ Kiya

4MJ David

5MH Charlee

5MH Darcie-Leigh

5MH Tyler

5TE Lilly-May

5TE Lacey

5TE Evie

6AL Krystal

6AL Elliott

6AL Daisy

6AT Mya

6AT Antalia

6AT Mackenzie