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Learning Champions! 13.10.17

Broadoak Primary School proudly awards this certificate for:

Learning Champions

For Week Ending 13.10.17

to the following pupils:

RHT Jaiden

RHT Dylan

RHT Emily

1SP Conlan

1SP Jamie-Junior

1SP Aisha

3KT Luis

3KT Andreea

3KT Michat

3NS Evie

3NS Mia

3NS Mckenzie

4RA Lexie

4RA Connor

4RA Jordon

4/5MH Kieran

4/5MH Connor

4/5MH Taya Ray

5TE Amy

5TE Luci

5TE Mia

6SA Brian

6SA Iras

6SA Joachim

6AT Mckie

6AT Layton

6AT Angel

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