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Learning Champions 28/04/17

Broadoak Primary School proudly awards this certificate for:

Learning Champions

For Friday 28th April 2017

to the following pupils:

RecVL Bella

RecVL Isabelle

1SP Hashim

1SP Adja

1SP Meg

1KC Shane

1KC Scarlett

1KC Matthew

2BE Oliver

2BE Daisy Mae

2BE Zayne

2NS Maisie

2NS Sarah

2NS Amber

2NS Harley

3/4LT Jack

3/4LT Sama

3/4LT Ryan

5MH Abigail

5MH Sean

5MH Alisha

5TE Mia

5TE Shaheer

5TE Julia

6AL Jessica

6AL Jessica

6AL Daisy

6AT Mason

6AT Antalia

6AT Urwah

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