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Boys football to compete in the finals Trophy

GK Mckenzie W

DEF Paciance P (C)

MID Daniel W

MID Gaudencio C

MID Luca G

MID Sean S

MID Andrew K

ST Tjay M

Leah K

Molly M

Georgie O

Some fantastic news!!!

Our boys football team have qualified for the top ‘TROPHY’ tournament in Tameside. The children have been working hard over the last couple of months competing against a variety of schools to earn a place in the top tournament and they have made it.

The boys will be putting on their boots on Monday the 27th of March and heading to Copley to compete. I would like to give a special shout out to a number of the girls football team (Leah, Molly and Georgie) who have stepped in over the last few games to support the boys and I’m sure the boys won’t let you down in the finals.

Good luck boys on Monday!!!