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Broadoak are the spirit of the festival!!

  On Thursday our school cheerleaders got their first go at performing this year at the Believe and Achieve cheer festival.

The KS1 and KS2 made their way to New Charter to get practicing straight after school, knowing that the big performance was in the evening in front of a sell out crowd of hundreds of children and parents. Later on that evening, our cheerleaders were joined by the magnificent reception cheer squad (buds).

The show opened with the KS1 category and our squad (berries) performed a routine to ‘walk this way’. the children were outstanding and gave an incredible performance jammed packed full of energy and excitement.

Next up were the KS2 group (sparklers) who after only a few weeks of training produced a high-octane performance to ‘   ‘. They truly showed great dedication and effort to keep the routine as immaculate as possible.

The stage was then set for the grand finally. The reception squad (buds) stepped up and blew the competition away with a fantastic routine and an abundance of cuteness.

All the squads were fantastic and represented the school with pride, in a festival dedicated to a great cause.

All the children grouped together at the end of the evening for the awards. All squads received a trophy, although Broadoak also received the ‘spirit of the festival’ award for it’s dedication and cheery spirit.

Great work team!!!