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Cold, Wet and Muddy. Game on!

U9 Amy B

U9 Matilda H

U9 Archie C

U9 Ryan O

U9 Mbukani M

U11 Leah K

U11 Molly M

U11 Jessica E

U11 Darcie-Leigh D

U11 Kasey E

U11 Daniel W

U11 Paciance N

U11 Mckenzie W

U11 Bartek K

U11 Sean S

On a very fresh Saturday morning the Broadoak cross county team were up early and ready to go.

The team arrived at East Cheshire Harriers with a lovely blend of nerves and excitement. On arrival the children got the chance to have a walk around and take in the huge task they had ahead of them. The children had to run a distance of 1600 metres through heavy mud whilst making their way up hills and down through ditches. A real challenge!!

Each race consisted of over 50 children representing a variety of schools and running clubs. The children were informed that if they finished in the top 10 they would represent Tameside in the Manchester Games.

The first race of the morning was the girls under 9s. (year 3 and 4) Amy and Matilda set off with a crowd of Broadoak children and parents cheering them on. After a gruelling run Amy came round the final bend and finished in a fantastic 11th place,  followed by Matilda only a few seconds behind her in 16th. An incredible achievement considering they are both in year 3. Good news for next year.

Next were the under 9 boys. (year 3 and 4) Again the boys set off to huge cheers from the rest of the group. The boys ran as hard as they could and did extremely well. Archie set the early pace and at the half way mark sent the Broadoak fan club into madness as he turned the bend in 4th place. Archie continued to give his all and finished in an incredible 14th place, closely followed by the rest of the boys.

As the rain began to fall heavier it was time for the under 11 (year 5 and 6) girls to give it their all. They all set off at an incredible speed and after a very long and muddy run Kasey turned the corner first for Broadoak and pushed hard all the way to the finish ending up in a outstanding 12th place. The rest of the girls continued to cross the line showing that they had given every possible bit of effort.

Finally, the under 11 boys set off on their cross country adventure. The boys did really well with Sean finishing in a incredible 16th and Daniel finishing in 19th. The rest of the boys continued to finish showing their fantastic competitive spirit.

The morning was a cold but a fantastic atmosphere. The children represented the school with pride but the highlight of the morning was the incredible team (children, parents and staff) effort to support everyone from start to finish. I’m sure legs were tired on Sunday morning but throats will definitely have been sore.

Pics to follow.