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Volleyball team dig deep!

A Leah K

A Georgie O

A Jessica B

A Paciance N

A Luca G

- ----------------

B Shannon M

B Krystal M

B Sanwal M

B Awais F

B Darrel M

On Thursday the 16th Broadoak were represented by two volleyball teams at Fairfield High in the Tameside games.

The teams have been working on volleyball over the last few weeks in their PE lesson and left school in confident mood. On arrival the teams noticed the sheer size of the nets and courts and quickly realised that they would have to work very hard to compete. Both teams lost their first game but quickly dusted themselves down to rise to the challenge. Team B were incredible close in their remaining games but just missed out by 1 point. Team A finally found their groove and won their last match with flying colours.

The afternoon was a real experience and a lot of fun, with our teams representing the school well but not quite making the finals. A special mention to Shannon and Jessica for winning the team player awards for each team.

Great work!!